Ken Foree

Hi Ken,


thank you for taking the time for us to do this interview.


How did you get into film?


It was a natural progression for me. I started in New York on stage and eventually began auditioning for television and film roles that were being cast in New York. It wasn't long after I began my stage career that I was cast in my first episodic, and then a major production for Universal Pictures.



Does it bother you that you will usually appointed to the role of Dawn of the Dead? Is it a godsend for the career or a prevention?


No it doesn't bother me. I don't know if it was a godsend or what my career would have been without it. I might have remained in New York working on stage productions, which was my first love, or perhaps something else exciting would have come my way. DOTD has certainly made me an international figure, so I guess there's nothing bad about that.


Did you think at the shoot how successful Dawn will be?


I did not thing that it would be successful in America. It was another job for a working actor, nothing more.  Boy! was I wrong.


Did Dawn of the Dead open any doors for you?


Not as many as you would think. It has an enormous fan base, and that helped with name and face recognition. I think perseverance has helped open doors more than anything else. DOTD as well as other Romero films opened doors for several people both in front and behind the camera. Show business is a difficult life and not everyone no matter what the vehicle will have the fortitude to stick it out and make it a career. I've met many actors, producers, directors, etc. who are not working, haven't worked, or were "one shot wonders" . It's a tuff business!


Is there something special where you still remember from the shoot?


Nothing special, just the cooled weather. I take that back, there was that glorious mall, that was a lot of fun.


What was your favorite scene in Dawn of the Dead?


There were many, but one that alway's stands out is the gun store scene. Loved putting on the two gun holsters and bandolarrols across my chest and the derringer was special too. I was like a kid waking up for Christmas and going out to play Cowboys and Indians.



How often have you seen Dawn of the Dead?


I'd say at least ten times, I've lost count.


Do you like the Remake of Dawn?


It was a very exciting horror film, very well done. I liked it a lot.


How would you behave in a real zombie disaster? Would you entrench yourself or give up, or could you leave behind loved ones, or even shoot them if they were infected?


Occupy a mall somewhere, grab my family, and shoot any one who came within range straight through the head.


Do you hope  for a similar new role as in Dawn?


If the right situation comes along, then I would absolutely consider it. But for it to be the right situation I would have to creative control, direct it myself, and have the financing to support my vision. I've written the script, so financing is the issue.


How was the shoot at The Devil´s rejects?


Rejects was a fun shoot. Wish I could do it again.



How was the shootings with Rob Zombie?


I like Rob a lot. So it was a pleasant experience.


How often are you at festivals and conventions?


Not very often, which is by choice. I want to spend more time with my family. I will have to attend some festivals this year and next year as well, so I will be traveling quite a bit.


What kind of crazy reactions from fans you've seen?


Nothing strange so far. No train wreaks. Some crazy moments, yes many times, but I won't name names. There were a few fans who wanted me to hit them in the face, I didn't.


What can we expect from you in the future?


Two films and a tv appearance released in 2017. Check the message boards or horror web sites for more information. I really liked working on " Curse of Midnight".


Thank you so much for your nice answers and I give the last words to you:


Say no to Trump!


Ken Foree


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